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water damage repair San Diego CAIf left unrepaired, water damage will continue to worsen, leading to greater problems. Learn what you need to know about water-damaged home interiors and how to tackle the situation appropriately.

First, you must find and fix the water source. Depending on the situation, you may need to hire a professional to repair plumbing or roofing. Then you can proceed to drying up any water present, sorting through items, and water damage repair.

By Karla Fay


Signs you may need Water Damage Repair

  • Odors – Standing water stagnates. Rotting wood emits an earthy smell. Mold and mildew smell much the same. If you enter a room or open a cabinet and notice a musty, peculiar smell, it’s likely you not only have a water leak somewhere, but damage has occurred.
  • Fuzzy, discolored growths – It’s not a reflection of poor cleaning habits. Mold spores float through every waft of air inside and out. If they encounter a moist, dark area with a food source – which includes most building materials – mold, mildew and fungus will thrive. Within 36 to 72 hours, it’s entrenched. The longer it grows, the worse it gets.
  • Stains and discolorations – Brownish and dark stains on your ceiling are a sign of a leak. Walls and floors may also discolor. Whenever unexpected stains appear, check for a water leak in the immediate area.
  • Blistering or peeling wall surfaces – Water invading the wall material may cause paint to lose adhesion and separate, either blistering or peeling. Wallpaper, plaster and other wall coverings may act the same.
  • Damaged walls and ceilings – Beyond stains and the appearance of the wall sheathing, the wall or ceiling itself may begin to fail. The wall may warp or buckle, and the ceiling may begin to sag. Whenever the surface itself becomes soft and spongy, it indicates a definite problem. Drywall (the most common wall material) absorbs water easily and begins to swell and disintegrate. Walls or ceilings made from lath and plaster don’t fare much better.
  • Damaged floors – Buckling, cracking, cupping (curving at the edges) or soft flooring are a likely signs of water damage. Investigate changes in your floor immediately.

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